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Thrish Montessori Childcare Centre Aims to:-

  1. Help all children realize their full potential, and extend their skills regardless of gender, race, religion, social origin, disability, gift or talent.
  2. Encourage a sense of belonging for children and parents where parents are supported in caring for their children and their confidentiality and family privacy is respected.
  3. Provide a high quality developmental program based on play based learning. Provide a program rich in learning opportunities, designed to suit each individual child and encourage the growth and development of their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills and linking to the Early Years Learning Frameworks, My Time Our Place and Queensland Kinder Garden Learning Guidelines.
  4. Develop creativity and self-expression through art, language, dramatic play and music. Emphasis is on the process of doing and creating, not on the end result.
  5. Encourage children to accept responsibility and develop independence through routine activities.
  6. Recognize that all children need to be accepted and their differences acknowledged and respected.
  7. Maintain a safe and hygienic environment for all people concerned, with clear expectations for children, parents and staff.
  8. To appoint staff who enjoy working with children and their families, as a supportive team member.


Reviewed to reflect the principles of the Early Childhood Education and Care (Qld) Act and the Early Childhood Education and Care National Regulations 2011 and the Early Years Learning Framework and adopted by Staff and Parents April 2013, amended April 2014, reviewed February 2015, March 2016 and July 2017


Thrish Montessori Childcare Centre Aims to:-

  1. We believe all children are equal and worthy of respect regardless of their gender, background or ability. Rights of the child are paramount. We wish to make each child feel secure and accepted in the childcare environment as if it were a second home and welcome and celebrate diverse backgrounds from cultures around the world including our own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The centre endeavours to create an atmosphere which nurtures self esteem through harmony. We try to provide consistency with teachers and smaller class numbers in order to build strong feelings of trust and security and warm and respectful relationships.
  2. Thrish Montessori Childcare Centre is dedicated to providing an outstanding educational environment by discovering and wakening the children’s emerging potential and carefully cultivating the development of their natural talents and abilities. Thrish Montessori Childcare Centre is committed to providing excellence in education using play based learning, providing a foundation for their future education and linking to Early Years Learning Frameworks, My Time Our Place and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.
  3. We believe children are successful, competent learners and need opportunity to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, hearing, exploring their environment and being close to nature. We believe all children are capable of teaching themselves given the right tools, a little guidance and a conducive atmosphere for learning that recognizes the benefits in making learning fun.
  4. We believe in helping children master basic academic skills as well as the ability to think critically, creatively and independently. Our environment provides the tools to develop social and physical skills as well as nurture emotional growth and self discipline.
  5. We endeavour to create programs to suit individual children’s needs and interests. Attention is given to balancing individual work activities with group activities and emphasis is placed on respect and appreciation of each individual’s contribution in an unbiased way.
  6. We value and respect the role that parents play and welcome parent participation in the centre. We believe in working as partners with parents for the best interests of the child and will support them in their role while expecting best practice in the provision of education and care services at the centre.


Reviewed to reflect the principles of the Early Childhood Education and Care (Qld) Act and the Early Childhood Education and Care National Regulations 2011 and Early Years Learning Framework and adopted by Staff and Parents April 2013. Amended in conjunction with advisors from Workforce Council April 2014, by staff and parents Feb 2015, reviewed March 2016 and July 2017.


Educational Program and Practice


The approved provider and nominated supervisor of an education and care service are responsible for ensuring that a suitable program based on an approved learning framework is designed to take into account the individual differences of each child, is delivered to all children.

This quality area focuses on ensuring the educational program and practice is stimulating, engaging and enhances children’s learning and development.


Children’s Health and Safety

The approved provider and other persons have responsibility for supporting the health, protection, safety and wellbeing of all children. These persons must take reasonable care to protect children from foreseeable risk of harm, injury and infection.


Physical Environment

The physical environment plays a critical role in keeping children safe; reducing the risk of unintentional injuries; contributing to their wellbeing, happiness, creativity and developing independence; and determining the quality of children’s learning and experiences.

The approved provider of an education and care service must ensure that the premises, all equipment and furniture used in providing education and care services are safe, clean and in good repair to provide a rich and diverse range of experiences that promote children’s learning and development.


Staffing Arrangements

It is the role of approved providers, nominated supervisors, educators, co-ordinators and staff members to establish effective and ethical practices in the service. Sound philosophy guides decision making, including determining appropriate staff numbers and deployment of suitable qualified and experienced educators, co-ordinates and nominated supervisors who are able to develop warm, respectful relationships with children, create safe and predictable environments and encourage children’s active engagement in the learning program.


Relationships with Children

The approved provider of an education and care service must take reasonable steps to ensure that children being educated and cared for by the service are provided with opportunities to interact and develop respectful and positive relationships with each other and with the staff members. The relationships with children are responsive and respectful, and promote children’s sense of security and belonging. Relationships of this kind free children to explore the environment and engage in play and learning.


Collaborative Partnerships with Families and Communities

Learning outcomes are most likely achieved when educators work in partnership with families and communities. Effective collaboration established by the service is fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children and community partnerships. When nominated supervisors, educators and coordinators develop links, share information and work in collaboration with other community organisations, the best outcomes are achieved for children and families using the service.


Leadership and Service Management

The effective leadership and management of a service that creates a positive organisation culture in empowering others by listening, recognising and addressing potential conflict and change process that contributes to quality environments for the children’s learning and development. The service’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and having well documented policies and procedures, well maintained records, shared values, clear direction and reflective practices enable the service to function as a learning community.

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