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Kindergarten/Preschool Program


Our kindergarten programs offer unique opportunities for children to connect with nature; develop skills in language and literacy; physical development; mathematics and science. The educational program is developed to ensure that all children have many pathways to success and further investigative learning in their play. The educators work closely alongside the children to support and develop learning opportunities that are creative, develop individual needs and promote safe and harmonious play with peers in the group.

We encourage parent participation to extend learning possibilities, foster partnerships and highlight our strengths and learning during each day.

Group work is actively encouraged as we see this type of learning a way for children to develop meaningful social connections, extend their thinking and communication skills as well as become more independent in their overall learning. Whole group times focus upon language and literacy methods, music and movement and a time for reflective practice (extending ideas, planning and developing listening skills).

Throughout the year, the educators incorporate Prep readiness skills into their daily program, collating observations, planning and reflections on each child to create a transition statement for each family on their journey into Prep. The educators believe that skills children need to have on this transition are social and emotional maturity; problem solving skills; resilience; independence skills and an inquisitive nature towards learning. These are important foundations to be built upon in school.

Our Curriculum focusses on the development in the following areas:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Language
  • Science
  • Art and music
  • Social and life skills
  • Problem solving and investigative skills

Our Curriculum embraces meaningful play-based learning to create lifelong learners. This Curriculum, which falls under the Government’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), intends to maximize the potential of children through developing skills and aptitudes required for a rapidly changing world.

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